Expand your SEA campaigns using other search engines at lower prices and with fewer restrictions:

Gain a new audience with visitors you will not find elsewhere!

There is an entire world of alternative search engines out there. Tap into additional traffic sources that you CAN'T find with Bing / Google!

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Lower CPC: competitive keywords are affordable!

Target all your relevant search terms at a lower price worldwide. Highly competitive keyword markets are affordable again!

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Fewer restrictions: don't worry about a quality score!

Buy relevant traffic on generic search terms or popular brand names that are relevant to your website without having to build up quality scores.

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New audience: using alternative search engines.

We aggregate search traffic from partners with niche search engines. Around +3.4 billion searches occur in our partner networks every month! These are search terms by real people with real needs that use niche search engines, web portals or directories other than Bing or Google.

Site visitors arrive on a search engine result page (SERP) after having used a custom search box. Text ads are placed above and next to the results much like many other search engines.

Because our partners are not using traditional traffic-monetizing solutions (like AdSense) we can offer previously untapped keyword traffic.

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Low prices: keyword utopia—like it’s still 1999!

Start your keyword strategy from a clean sheet. Abandon your limited keyword plan and re-try keywords once more that were no longer affordable in other channels!

In terms of campaign ROI, many popular keywords come back into focus when managing your ad budget. Since our CPCs are very competitive, those once impossible keywords might become possible again.

For example: With a keyword like “hotel,” an average CPC of €4.00 is very common in the bigger search engines. We can provide +1.7 searchers per month for the same exact keyword for as little as € 0.25 cost per click!

Take a top-down approach in your keyword planning—let the ROI be your guide! Start at the highest level of interest and and optimize for results based  on keyword performance.

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Fewer restrictions: select your winning keywords.

Our traffic allows for a fresh approach to your keywords strategy. Many of our customers achieve great results by broadening their keyword focus in directions that are no longer affordable in other advertising portals.

Ad positions are served through an open bidding system: the highest bidder will win the ad position regardless of quality score or keyword relevance!

Product brand keywords: brand names are an excellent source of traffic for your website if you are selling specific brands. Popular brands are frequently searched and available in high volumes.

Target the competition: don’t forget your competitor keywords. If you have a strong proposition they could easily become your customers!

Generic keywords are common words or phrases that are relevant to your website. Don’t forego trying highly popular words like “laptop,”car,”  or “hotel,” since they can be profitable again!

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Keyword.direct has all the features you need to run great search engine advertising campaigns:

Modify bids for mobile.

Exclude, increase or decrease your bid for mobile traffic.

Improve performance.

Add negative keywords to your campaigns to improve efficiency.

Pay per click (CPC).

Only pay for actual clicks to your website.

Target GEO per country.

Target traffic per country or run worldwide campaigns.

Manage campaign budgets.

Don't overspend; set your daily budgets as you see fit.

Auto-tagged for Analytics.

All campaigns are automatically tagged for Google Analytics.

Use text ads.

Use text ads to convey your message or offer.

Managed service available.

Experienced campaign managers at your immediate disposal.

Coffee & customer service.

More questions? Drop us a line or drop in for coffee.