Get more visitors from parked domains selected by interest segments with no need for ads

High volume: traffic from domain marketplaces!

Many domains are parked for future purposes. Tap into this traffic at pricing as low as €0.0010 per visit.

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Relevant visitors: select topics mapped to domains!

Parked domains are not selected individually but are targeted by interest categories and topics, such as 'travel.'

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No ads needed: direct visitors to your site!

No click or ad required. Visitors of parked domains are forwarded directly to your website.

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High volumes: many parked domains.

In 2012 Verisign reported that 17% of all .com and .net domains were parked. Often these domains are parked for future use or for speculation on the domain’s future value. Meanwhile, these domains still receive lots of traffic!

Although there are many visitors, parked domains rarely generate any revenue for the owner. Instead of showing random ads, the domain owner will often earn more revenue by sending the visitor directly to your website at a low cost.

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Interested visitors: topics mapped to domains.

Domains are mapped to more than 2,500 generic interest-based categories allowing you to target your campaigns to relevant domains.

For example: imagine your are a travel company and are looking for visitors that have an interest in “travel” or “hotel.” With you will receive visitors either from parked domains referencing the word hotel (or hotels) or are categorized as closely related to this topic.

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Direct traffic: inbound visitors without a click.

Although parked domains do not have a search engine ranking or content, they still receive plenty of inbound visitors. Think of the premium domains or typos that generate visitors from typing directly in the browser. Or re-registered domains with residual traffic from external links to the previous content.

With our campaigns visitors are not shown ads but are directly forwarded to your website—no need for clicks. Visitors are directed to the landing page you have selected.

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alternatice-search-engines has all the features you need to run great interest-based campaigns

Modify bids for mobile.

Exclude, increase or decrease your bid for mobile traffic.

Improve performance.

Add negative keywords to your campaigns to improve efficiency.

Pay per Click (CPC).

Only pay for actual clicks to your website.

Target GEO per country.

Target traffic per country or run worldwide campaigns.

Manage campaign budgets.

Don't overspend. Set your daily budgets as you see fit.

Auto-tagged for Analytics.

All campaign are automatically tagged for Google Analytics.

Use text ads.

Use text ads to convey your message or offer.

Managed service available.

Experienced campaign managers at your immediate service.

Coffee & customer service.

More questions? Drop us a line or drop in for coffee.