Run large prospecting campaigns with intelligent targeting and dynamic ads

Greater relevancy: targeting based on your landing page content!

Your ads are only shown when there is a significant similarity of content between your landing page and the publisher page.

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Less work: automatic ad creation and workflow!

Our automated process saves time and money while outperforming many other display channels with relevant decisions for every page.

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Better results: fully automatic campaign optimization!

We use historic data and machine learning for automatic campaign adjustments to achieve your campaign goals.

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Intelligent targeting: automatically get the best ad space for each individual banner!

We are connected to the biggest ad exchanges like Appnexus, Google Doubleclick Ad Exchange, Facebook Ad Exchange and more. Within these ad inventories our system looks for the best locations to place your ads using data from your website.

Using your landing page content: the algorithm looks for matches between your landing page and the content of publisher pages using many data points. This enables us to determine if pages are contextually similar and address the same topic with great accuracy. Ads are only shown on places that rate high on our matching quality score.

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Automatic workflow: less manual work with more accurate campaigns at the same time!

Imagine having to advertise 1.000+ individual product pages with unique banners—and then only showing each ad in a well-targeted ad space! Using manual labor, it would be a huge amount of work employing many different skill sets.

Our platform uses your entire website as input for display marketing and manages all aspects of your campaign workflow:

  1. automatic intelligent targeting uses your website content.
  2. automatic banner creation from your landing page or feed.
  3. automatic campaign optimization based on campaign KPIs.

Our platform not only saves time and money but due to our unique matching algorithm also significantly increases the quality of your advertising campaigns. Our campaigns outperform many other display channels!

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Result optimization: adjust campaigns based on performance data automatically.

Our ad serving system is built on machine learning technology that automatically optimizes your advertising placements, for example by:

Adjusting bids: historic performance is also taken into account. If a a specific ad produces better campaign results it will be shown more often resulting in increased overall performance of the campaign.

Excluding ad positions: overall performance increases significantly by automatically removing poor-performing ad positions from the inventory.

Get Started has all features you need to run great display campaigns:

Modify bids for mobile.

Exclude, increase or decrease your bid for mobile traffic.

Product feed integration.

Improve accuracy and efficiency by providing additonal information.

Pay per click (CPC).

Only pay for actual clicks to your website.

Target GEO per country.

Target traffic per country or run worldwide campaigns.

Manage campaign budgets.

Don't overspend—set daily budgets as you see fit.

Auto-tagged for Analytics.

All campaigns are automatically tagged for Google Analytics.

Automatic dynamic ads.

Generate ads to convey your message or offer in both image and text formats.

Automatic optimization.

Your campaigns are automatically optimized based on KPIs.

Coffee & customer service.

More questions? Drop us a line—or drop in for coffee.