We have a lot of fun combining creativity in advertising with data science and plenty of enthousiasm:

Strong background in online marketing.

Our key team members have worked in the field of online advertising for many years.

Experts in data modeling and machine learning.

Our tech department loves to solve data driven problems. It's all about the patterns!

We like out of the box advertising concepts.

At our core we believe we can find innovative advertising models that will change your campaign results.

Traffic.direct Key Financials

Since the start Traffic.direct has revenue coming in, even though DISPLAY.direct is currently in BETA.


TRAFFIC.direct is proud to announce that we’ve won two prizes since it was founded:


  • We’ve acquired funding from the CreatiFi fund. In our call we were the only company chosen out of +100 applicants.
  • We’ve managed to win the iMinds Starter Business Incubation award in the winter of 2015.
  • iMindsiMinds
  • CreatiFiCreatiFi

To further accelerate and shorten the timeframe for launch we need funding for following aspects:

  • Development
  • Intelligence
  • Sales
Get in touch

Currently we are also looking to expand our team in several areas. If you are interested in joining our team, please take a look at our current job openings. Want to know more? We love to talk about our work and share insights. Please let us know if you are interested in a cup of coffee! Since our offices is in the same building as Coffee Labs!

Our team members:

All of our team members have one thing in common: we all have an extensive knowledge in fields of play. This solid foundation makes us individual specialists, but as a team we come up with all-encompassing data driven solutions for your business.

Thomas Struijk

Leading data driven business analist with strong financial and commercial insights. After all, your financial result is all that counts.

Sander Manneke

Placed between technique, marketing and data. A mix that is not too common. This is where the magic happens.

Matthias Laqueur

Online performance marketing specialist leading the development of SEO, SEA, Display, and other marketing strategies based on analytical insights.

Boris Smidt

As a software developer he develops a system that can extract the context of a webpage and find a fitting advertisement.

The technologies used are Scala, Spark, elasticsearch and java

Arvid Halma

Vast experience in Behavioral Modeling he likes to explore patterns in data. Focussed on development of algorithms and machine learning aspects.

The advisory board:

Alain Heureux

Former president at IAB Europe, member of the advisory board of Selligent and InSites Consulting.

Mattias Goetz

Start-Up- und Innovations-Expert. Managing Partner at WERT8 GmbH.

Sven de Cleyn

Director Incubation at iMinds & Professor in Entrepreneurship at University of Antwerp

A great work environment:

Minimum control, maximum responsibility. Nine to five is an unknown concept at Traffic.direct. Thanks to digital connectivity, you can enjoy work both where and when you want. Set your own working hours and working space and get back in control of your work-life balance.


Democracy. Everyone’s voice counts. Decisions are made by mutual agreement. And we take this literal. Every employee has a vote – with an equal weight. You get to hire your own colleagues. You must raise concern when things go in the wrong direction, independent of title or rank. Oh that’s right, we have no titles, ranks or any hierarchy at all. Furthermore, there is an open flow of information. Everyone has for example access to the company books.


Intrapreneurship. We have true entrepreneurs in our midst. No, really. Employees can get the opportunity to become stakeholder, or to receive a share of profit. You are in the position to change things and make things happen. So show us some initiative.


Knowledge. Employees are our main asset. Therefore, you are given the opportunity to enrich yourself as much as possible both personal as professional. We hold weekly sessions to keep your knowledge up to date. The holy grail? Maximum expertise. Ever heard of a bore-out? We haven’t. Challenge accepted!